Head of the school

Head of the school is Vicky Schaetzinger, internationally well-known musician, high ranking and experienced professor, who in the last few years has been entirely devoted to developing and growing the school.

Cluster was started up in 1999 by Vicky Schaetzinger and Massimo Dall’Omo, in Via Cenisio, with 80 students and 2 teachers.

“Along the way, we chose as companions very skilled and highly competent tutors, who were enthusiastic and passionate about their work, and who greatly contributed to the development and teaching stability of the school”.

In 2006 the school moved to Via Marcantonio Colonna with 300 students and 12 teachers.

In 2012 Cluster was accredited by Trinity College of London, so that Cluster exams and qualifications are recognised internationally, as part of EQF - European Qualification Framework.

In the same year the school started cooperating with the ICMP University - The Institute of Contemporary Music of London | East London University – granting the first scholarships to Cluster students to attend London University.

In 2014 the school moved to the new location in Via Mosè Bianchi.

In 2015 Cluster Music School was certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

In 2016 Cluster was accredited Music Training Body in Regione Lombardia n. 937 – Education and Training – Section B.

In 2017 Cluster Music School was certified ISO 9001:2015.

In 2018 Cluster realized 40 video tutorials for a new musical education book for secondary school of Gruppo Editoriale Principato written by Master Carlo Delfrati.

The school numbers 900 students and 40 teachers, and offers 30 individual courses and 80 group related courses.

Cluster Music S.r.l
via Mosè Bianchi 96
20149 Milano
Tel. 02 87367858

Ente di formazione accreditato presso Regione Lombardia -
Servizi di Istruzione e Formazione Professionale Iscrizione n.937 del 10/05/2016 – Sezione B