Computer Music

Computer Music

Computer music is an exciting field, where you can learn how to make music with the integration of technology for a 360° music learning experience.

We offer two types of course:
  • Computer Music and Audio Engineering
  • Music Composition with Finale

Computer Music and Audio Engineering

The aim of this course is to provide the student with all the necessary skills for the world of music with the integration of technology and related software.

Suitable for…
Everyone, even those who have never played music and have no specific musical knowledge.

Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00 

Mandatory Trial Lesson
At the trial lesson, the teacher will check the student’s suitability.
The trial lesson is not binding for the student.

Course Fee (One-off Annual Payment – 33 lessons)
Non-Cluster Students: € 690
Cluster Students: € 345
Pre-academic Courses Students: Free

Enrolment Fee for non-Cluster Students: € 90
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The musical program is not included in the course fee.
The teacher will give you all the information at the trial lesson.

We provide 2 levels for learning computer music, for beginners who are starting to become engaged in audio production, and for advanced students willing to broaden pro audio matters. No prior knowledge in music is required for Beginners. Advanced students however must be already familiar with some music concepts. During the course there will be a production of an individual or a group project.


  • Acoustic concepts
  • D.A.W. and basic audio recording techniques
  • Audio formats and interconnections
  • MIDI
  • Audio processing and effects
  • Plugins and virtual instruments
  • Basic music Recording
  • Mixing and project finalizing


  • Basic acoustic concepts (wavelength, frequency, period…)
  • Digital and analogue audio (converter AD-DA...)
  • D.A.W. (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic...)
  • Microphones: (differences, types, uses)
  • MIDI recorder (story, use...)
  • Sound effects (delay, flanger, echo...)
  • Dynamic audio processing (compressor, expander, limiter...)
  • Sound synthesising and analog/digital synth
  • Virtual Instruments, Soundtrack libraries
  • Console (analog and digital mixer)
  • Outboard
  • Drums and Percussion recording
  • Electric and Bass Guitar recording
  • Voice recording
  • Beat Detective
  • Advanced audio editing
  • Recording studio experience
  • Parallel compression
  • Mixing in the box and analogue
  • Basic Mastering notions
  • Formats and support

Music Composition
For those willing to learn computer music composition from a simple piece to a more complex score. This course is only suitable for those who are studying a musical instrument and have some knowledge of theory and harmony.
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