I would like to enrol for a music course. What’s the best for me?
By age, click here:
I’ve been studying music for many years, what’s the best for me?
Come for an audition and we will advise you whether you should continue your study with a pre-academic course or a standard one.
I can’t attend courses at fixed times because of my flexible working hours. Can I attend a Musical instrument course without attending Music Theory?
Yes, we have the option of a Tester Lessons Bundle in certain periods during the year.
Can I attend two consecutive hours lessons?
Yes, subject to availability.
How much are the course fees?
Call us to make an appointment! 0287367858
How can I pay?
Payments are made directly in our office or via bank transfer.
Can I pay by cheque, debit or credit card?
Yes, you can also make a PayPal payment.
Can I attend musical instrument lessons without attending music theory?
Yes, you can.
Do I get a reduction?
No, you are not entitled to a reduction.
Can I attend only Music Theory or Choir? Do I get a reduction? Can I enrol during the year?
Yes, absolutely. Subject to availability.

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