Why Cluster

Cluster since 1999: Jazz and Rock&Pop

The school offers a peaceful yet professional atmosphere which is essential to support and develop everyone’s inherent talent, to nurture the natural joy of making music which each one of us possesses, to let Music be our precious companion for life!

Why Cluster?

Cluster is…
For those looking for other artists who share the same passion.
For those who want a course of study leading to an internationally recognised qualification.
You will find the most suitable course for you!

For Beginners “learning from scratch”.
For students who wish to improve.

Our courses are designed as a modular scheme based on age (children/teenagers/adults) and grade (beginners/intermediate/advanced).

Our teachers

All our teachers are top-level professionals in the Music industry. Not only are they selected for being exceptionally talented artists and very skilled tutors, but especially for offering students a passionate, exuberant and enthusiastic approach to their work. Qualities which they are able to transmit with enormous patience and dedication.
A student’s musical development is highly supported by the tutor’s great cooperation.

Our students

Our students can benefit from an exciting environment, created by the teachers with diverse musical knowledge. We give them the chance to discover new horizons in music, and to measure themselves against the tutor’s expertise and ability.

During their course of study, they gain a 360° music experience, through individual or particularly designed group classes, live performances and special events like masterclasses or free conferences organized by the school.

You can choose your favourite music genre, or a brand new one.

Recital - Shows - Concerts

Always and increasingly, during the year, Cluster students have been able to test themselves and therefore prove their achievements, within numerous and extraordinary events, like recitals, concerts, shows.

Cluster encourages group projects and live performances.

Our Teachers never play during their student’s performance: this is fundamental to empower and motivate them to create groups and projects even outside Cluster School.


During the year, all the students will be enhancing their work through performances at the Cluster Auditorium.


Intermediate and Advanced students together with music groups and choirs will be starring in a number of concerts outside school (Blue Note, Salumeria della Musica, Barrio’s Café, Fermento…).


Every year we have a theme show: a real "block buster" especially designed to engage all our Cluster students.
  • 1999: Novecento
  • 2000: Radio Cluster
  • 2001: Cluster Clips
  • 2002: Cats
  • 2003: Enciclusteria
  • 2004: Clustermittments
  • 2005: ClusterLion
  • 2006: BlusterCutton
  • 2007: The ClusterHorrorPictureShow
  • 2008: ClusterRecords
  • 2009: ClusterClusTen
  • 2010: Clusteris (Italian Songs)
  • 2011: ClusterDance
  • 2012: ClusterBeatleStones
  • 2013: Cluster80’s Eighties
  • 2014: ClusterWoodstock
  • 2015: ClusterCartoons
  • 2016: ClusterMotown
  • 2017: Canzonissima
  • 2018: Time After Time

Outside Cluster events, starring our Students

  • Official XFactor 2016 Choir
  • 2015: Malika Ayane Concert – Teatro Nazionale Foyer
  • 2014: “Steven Street of Magic” Music Episode recording - Super! Channel
  • 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016: Piano City Milano
  • 2014, 2015, 2016: Tuttaunaltrafesta – Pime - Music Contribution
  • 2013: Charity Concerts for Associazione Wamba Onlus and Fondazione Fibrosi Cistica (Villa Sigurtà – Verona)
  • 2012: Live Recording - Auditorium Radio Popolare
  • 2011, 2012: MITO Fringe Festival
Movida ‘70, sponsored by Comune di Milano | Secrets of Milan - ‘60s Diary, Teatro Filodrammatici | Cluster Choir “Caterpillar” Song - Titles (Rai 2) ...

Cluster means bunch or group:

in Astronomy it is a group of stars…
in Music it is a group of sounds.

At our school you will find children, teenagers, adults with a variety of knowledge, ability and motivation:

  • Some are here for their teaching or artistic career
  • Some for a hobby
  • Others to play and have fun with friends
  • Others to copy a friend who is studying music
  • Those who always wanted to do it and never did or could
  • Those who weren’t that sure at the beginning, but then…
If you wish to study music, you can’t miss this opportunity!

Cluster Music S.r.l
via Mosè Bianchi 96
20149 Milano
Tel. 02 87367858

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