Enrolment Fees

90 Euros Annual Fee includes T-shirt, Bag, Music stave exercise book, 120 copies/prints prepaid card, ClusterCard to access discounts in music shops and local Pubs and Bars where music is played.
Students attending our courses have free access to our computers, classrooms and Wi-fi for study (ask the secretaries).

Course Fees vary according to payment duration (1/3/5/7 instalments per year, or trimester with right of withdrawal)

Fees vary on different courses

  • Standard Course
  • Pre-Academic Course
  • Choir Course
  • Beginners Course (Instrumental and Singing)
  • Diploma Course

If you can’t find all the information you need about our Fees, you can book an appointment directly at the school.

We accept the following payment methods: cash – check – credit or debit card – bank transfer
Our Details:
Cluster Music Srl
via Mosè Bianchi 96 - 20149 Milan
IVA: 08543130960
Bank Details:
Cariparma - Agenzia no. 8 | via Mussi 4 - 20154 Milano
Cab: 01657 | Abi: 06230 | Bic/Swift: CRPPIT2P257 | Cin: W
IBAN: IT53W0623001657000043603067

Cash, check, credit or debit card payments are invoiced upfront Bank Transfer payments will be invoiced within a month of the payment.

Cluster Music S.r.l
via Mosè Bianchi 96
20149 Milano
Tel. 02 87367858

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